A Downy Little Duckling

A downy little duckling
Went waddling off one day;
He didn’t like the other ducks;
With them he would not play;
He was too independent, too,
To stay with them, he said;
He thought it vastly pleasanter
To go alone instead.

O silly little duckling!
To pout will never pay;
I wonder if small boys and girls
Would ever act that way?

The other little ducklings
Looked at him ruefully,
And felt quite grieved to see him walk
Away so scornfully.
“Quack! quack!” they said, as if to make
Amends for all their lack;
But he had grown so dignified
He wouldn’t even quack. [Refrain]

The water in the duck-pond
Looked cool and nice to him;
The morning was so very fine,
He thought he’d take a swim;
So, in he plunged, but to himself
Soon said that he must own
That it was very tame indeed
To swim around alone. [Refrain]

He caught great big June-bug,
As fat as fat could be;
But then it wasn’t any fun
With no one there to see;
He wished the other ducks would come,
As oft they had in play,
And chase him round, and round, and round,
To get the bug away. [Refrain]

And then this lonely duckling,
What did he, do you think?
He took that bug and waddled back
Most quick as you could wink;
And when the ducks came up and tried
To take that bug away,
He thought it was the greatest fun
He’d had for many a day. [Refrain]