A Message In Song I Am Bringing

A message in song I am bringing,
A truth in the Bible I see,
Of wonderful grace I am singing,
Sufficient for you and for me;
Whatever my life may be bringing,
Whatever the testings may be,
To Jesus my Lord I am clinging,
His grace is sufficient for me.

His grace is sufficient for me,
His grace is sufficient for me,
“My strength is made perfect in weakness,”
His grace is sufficient for me.

We read in the Bible the story
Of three Hebrew children so brave,
Who lived for their God and His glory,
They knew He was mighty to save;
When cast in the furnace so flaming,
The form of the fourth they could see,
Methinks they this truth were proclaiming:
“His grace is sufficient for me.” [Chorus]

A prophet named Daniel was carried
With others a captive abroad,
In courts of the kingdom he tarried,
But still remained true to His God.
the laws of the land then provided
That God should be worshiped no more,
But Daniel in God still confided,
And prayed thrice a day as before. [Chorus]

The Medes and the Persians objected:
“This man is too noisy O King,
In spite of the laws we’ve effected
He continues to pray and to sing.”
To dens full of lions they took him,
But trusting to God he no doubt,
Relying on God, His salvation,
Continued to pray, sing and shout. [Chorus]

When Silas and Paul had been preaching
A gospel that saved from all sin,
The precepts of God they were teaching,
And souls they were seeking to win;
They both were arrested and beaten,
But at midnight the prison rooms rang,
For Silas and Paul had a meeting,
Methinks that this duet they sang: [Chorus]