All For The Good

Sometimes you misunderstand me
Yes, I feel misunderstood
You think that I’m not doin’ things
Quite the way I should
Please know I’m only trying to do what’s right
For my Father up above
I’m glad to have you smoothin’ my rough edges
But please do it out of love

It’s all for the good
Yes it’s all for the good
You know it’s all

Yes I take a Bible in the classroom
To show you I’m a Jesus freak
My only goal’s to share the good news
With anyone who seeks
You hit me hard to try and stop me
Then turn to kiss the other cheek
I don’t see how you could think
That I’m the one who’s weak, no

Yes it’s all for the good
All for the good
Yeah, it’s all

I know the day is coming
When all will be at peace
The lion will lay with the lamb
And colors then will cease
Until that day with God’s help
We gotta to make all the peace we can
Though tribulation’s bound to come
It’s all part of His plan
Oh and

Yes it’s all for the good, yeah