All Prophets Hail Thee

All prophets hail thee, from of old announcing,
by the inbreathed Spirit of the Father,
God’s Mother, bringing prophecies to fullness,
Mary the maiden.

Thou the true Virgin Mother of the Highest,
Bearing incarnate God in awed obedience,
meekly acceptest for a sinless offspring

In the high temple Simeon receives thee,
takes to his bent arms with a holy rapture
that promised Savior, vision of redemption,
Christ long awaited.

Now the fair realm of Paradise attaining,
and to thy Son’s throne, Mother of the Eternal,
raised all glorious, yet in earth’s devotion
join with us always.

Glory and worship to the Lord of all things
pay we unresting, who alone adored,
Father and Son and Spirit, in the highest
reigneth eternal.