All The Way

Within my heart was fond ambition,
Vain pride, and hopes of worldly fame;
But still remained a place so vacant,
Unfilled by highest earthly aim.
Then Jesus reached His hand to help me
Come, seek My love,” I heard Him say;
I quickly left the world behind me,
To follow Jesus all the way.

He led me through the verdant valleys,
Where flowers bloomed by waters fair;
The sunbeams glory showered o’er me,
And fragrant odors filled the air.
Then through the shadowed vale I followed,
Where entered not a brilliant ray;
I felt His touch, though could not see Him,
Then whispered softly, All the way.”

And then the furnace door was opened:
Within its fiery walls enclosed,
The Son of God was still beside me,
Upon His bosom I reposed.
When in my heart He saw reflected
His image pure as bright as day
He led me forth with joy abounding;
Again I whispered, All the way.”

I stood all ready for His service,
With gold refined and dross removed;
The flames had left my soul uninjured,
But they my faithfulness had proved.
In dismal night or brightest noonday,
If Thou wilt near me ever stay,
Where’er Thou leadest me, O Savior,
I’ll meekly follow all the way.