Almighty Lord Of All Of Life The Only Sp

Almighty Lord of all!
Of life the only spring!
Creator of unnumber’d worlds!
Supreme, eternal King!

Preserve me from deceit,
Impenitence, and pride;
Nor let me in forbidden paths,
With thoughtless sinners, glide.

What thine unerring eye
Sees for thy creature fit:
I’ll bless the good, and to the ill
Contentedly submit.

With pleasure let me view
The Prosp’rous and the great;
Malignant envy let me fly,
And odious selfconceit.

Let no despair, revenge,
Be to my bosom known:
Oh! give me tears for other’s woes,
And patience for my own.

Feed me with needful food:
I ask not wealth or fame.
Give me an eye to see thy will,
A heart to bless thy name.

Still let my days be past
Without remorse or care;
And growing holiness my soul
For life’s last hour prepare!