As Mid Lifes Tangled Maze I Stand

As ‘mid life’s tangled maze I stand,
While troubles wait no other hand,
I put my foolish fears to flight
By singing “Some day it will all come right.”

It will all come right! It will all come right!
Tho’ the shadows deepen into darkest night,
Let us press along with a trustful song,
“In this life or the other,” it will all come right!

I know not what is best for me,
What lies ahead I cannot see,
But, whether skies be dark or bright,
I know that, somehow, it will all come right. [Refrain]

Earth’s ev’ry wrong God will redress,
Will blessing bring from each distress,
I trust His wisdom, love and might,
Assured that, somewhere, it will all come right. [Refrain]

All things together work for good,
Tho’ much is, here, not understood,
But when I reach the land of light,
Mine eyes will see that it has all come right. [Refrain]