As The Lightnings Bright Flash

As the lightning’s bright flash in the eastern horizon
Sweeps over the sky when a storm draweth near;
So the people of earth shall awake to the coming
Of Him who will soon in His glory appear.

Then be watching and waiting,
Then be watching and waiting,
For we know not the hour when He cometh in power!
Then be watching and waiting, the Lord will appear!

Oh, who then shall go forward in triumph to meet Him;
And who shall be scattered like terrified flocks?
Who shall lift up glad voices with praises to greet Him,
And who for a shelter will cry to the rocks? [Refrain]

Oh, the children of faith who await His appearing
Shall joy in His presence and bask in His love;
For their souls have been washed in the blood of His ransom,
And fitted through Him for the glory above. [Refrain]