Awake And Watch For The Light Is Dawning

Awake and watch for the light is dawning!
Awake! the night will soon be gone;
In orient sky, see, there gleams the morning,
Arise, and gird thine armor on!

Hear Him! the Savior calling-
Arise, and gird thine armor on!
Tho’ shadows dark are falling,
Soon the night will be gone.
The King! the King! how the call comes ringing,
O Church of Christ! O Zion free!
Look up, and join in the heav’nly singing;
Thy King is coming soon for thee.

There waits for thee such a heav’nly greeting,
Then haste, thy Master’s call obey;
Ah! soon shall end thy dark night of weeping,
Thy God shall wipe thy tears away. [Refrain]

The Day Star bright over thee is shining,
Awake and hail the coming day!
Renew thy strength, ever cease repining,
Awake! arise, and watch and pray. [Refrain]