Awake My Heart Be Singing

Awake, my heart! be singing,
Praise to thy Maker bringing,
Of every good the Giver,
Who men protecteth ever.

As shades of night spread over
Earth as a pall did cover,
Then Satan sought to have me,
But God was near to save me.

When Satan would devour me,
Thou, Father! spreadest o’er me
Thy wing, Thou me embraced’st,
All fear away Thou chased’st.

Thou said’st “Lie still, I’m near thee;
In spite of him who’d tear thee,
Sleep, child! let nought affright thee,
The sunlight shall delight thee.”

Thou truly, Lord! hast told it,
The light-mine eyes behold it,
From dangers hast releas’d me,
Thou hast renew’d and bless’d me.

Thou sacrifice would’st ever,
My gifts I bring Thee hither,
The offerings I’m bringing
My pray’rs are and my singing.

Such Thou disdainest never,
The heart Thou can’st search ever,
Thou know’st none can deceive Thee
No better can I give Thee.

Thou wilt, O Lord! be ending
Thy work in me, and sending
Who in his hands will take me,
To-day his care will make me.

May I in all I’m doing
Wise courses be pursuing,
Beginning, middle, ending,
May all to bliss be tending.

Thy blessings richly give me,
My heart would now receive Thee,
Thy word as food be given
To me till I reach Heaven.

Paul Gerhardt’s Spiritual Songs,