Before Us Lies A Valley Dim

Before us lies a valley dim,
Which soon our feet may tread,
And through it rolls a sullen stream,
The river of the dead.

We are almost down to the river side,
Soon shall our wand’rings cease;
If Jesus Himself will be our guide,
We shall walk thro’ the valley in peace.

Tho’ dark the vale and cold the stream
It cannot us affright,
For Christ hath passed thro’ the valley dim,
To the home of joy and light. [Chorus]

Tho’ death’s dark shades around may be,
My Shepherd still is near,
His rod and staff they comfort me;
No evil shall I fear. [Chorus]

Baptized beneath death’s chilling flood,
In glory we shall rise,
To meet the conquering Son of God
Descending from the skies. [Chorus]