Bless God My Soul Thou Lord Alone

Bless God, my soul; Thou, Lord, alone
Possessest empire without bounds,
With honour Thou art crown’d thy throne
Eternal majesty surrounds.

With light thou dost Thyself enrobe,
And glory for a garment take;
Heaven’s curtains stretch beyond the globe,
Thy canopy of state to make.

God builds on liquid air, and forms
His palace-chambers in the skies;
The clouds His chariots are, and storms
The swift-wing’d steeds with which he flies.

As bright as flame, as swift as wind,
His ministers heaven’s palace fill;
They have their sundry tasks assign’d
All prompt to do their sovereign’s will.

In praising god while he prolongs
My breath, i will that breath employ;
And join devotion to my songs,
Sincere, as in Him is my joy.