Blessed Bible How We Prize Thee

Blessed Bible, how we prize thee,
God’s own Word of life and love;
Bringing hope and joy and comfort,
Down to earth from heav’n above.
Had we not thy Law to guide us,
And reclaim the wand’ring heart;
We should sail o’er stormy waters,
Like a ship without a chart.

Blessed Bible, gracious teacher,
Light that all the world may see;
We would read thy precious pages,
And for counsel turn to thee.
Thou the best, the purest treasure
We could ask, or God bestow,
May it be our highest pleasure
More and more of thee to know.

Blessed Bible, go thou with us
Till we reach the last dark wave,
Ever telling of His mercy,
Who alone is strong to save.
Go thou with us till we enter
Thro’ the gates, the City fair;
Till we see thy great Inspirer,
And adore His goodness there.