Blessed Lamb Of Calvary Thou Hast Done G

BLESSÈD Lamb of Calvary,
Thou hast done great things for me,
Thou didst leave thy throne above,
Thou didst suffer out of love.

Thou art a mighty Saviour,
Thy love doth never waver,
Thou shall be mine for ever,
And thine alone I’ll be.

Thou wast to the slaughter led,
Thou didst bow thy sacred head,
‘Twas for me thy blood was spilt
That I might be cleansed from guilt.

In thy mercy, rich and free,
Thou hast pardoned even me;
Thou dost keep me every hour,
By thy Holy Spirit’s power.

Draw me closer, Lord, to thee;
May my life a blessing be;
May it be a life of love;
Lord, supply me from above.

Now, Lord, let my light so shine
That the world may know I’m thine;
May I bear much fruit in thee
That will stand eternally.