Blessed Stream From Calvarys Hill

Blessed stream from Calv’ry’s hill,
Flowing freely, flowing still,
Plunge me, Lord, beneath the tide,
Flowing from thy riven side.

Precious blood of Calvary,
Shed for many, shed for me;
This my all availing plea,
Jesus shed his blood for me.

Shed, to take my sins away,
Shed, to cleanse me day by day;
Sprinkling now the mercy-seat,
There I find communion sweet. [Refrain]

Tho’ the whole wide world should come,
At this fountain there is room;
Millions at the cross I see,
Yet he makes a place for me. [Refrain]

When with all the saints above,
Saved, I sing redeeming love,
Still the blood my theme shall be,
Shed for many, shed for me. [Refrain]