Blest Jesus Come Thou Gently Down

Blest Jesus! come Thou gently down,
And fill this hallow’d place:
Oh, make Thy glorious goings known,
Diffuse around Thy grace!

Shine, dearest Lord, from realms of day,
Disperse the gloom of night;
Chase all our clouds and doubts away,
And turn the shades to light.

Behold, and pity from above,
Our cold and languid frame;
Oh, shed abroad Thy quick’ning love,
And glorify Thy name.

All-glorious Saviour, source of grace,
To Thee we raise our cry:
Unveil the beauties of Thy face
To ev’ry waiting eye.

Revive, O God, desponding saints,
Who languish, droop, and sigh:
Refresh the soul that tires and faints,
Fill mourning hearts with joy.