Blests The Man Whose Upright Walking

I. Blest’s the Man, whose upright Walking
Contradicts ill Counselors;
Nor gives Ear to Sinners Talking,
But their wicked Ways abhors;
Who removes with Care his Feet
From the Place where Scoffers meet;
And whose Heart is wholly given
To obey the Laws of Heaven.

II. Blessed, who with constant Pleasure
Studies God’s revealed Will;
Seeing there for Heav’nly Treasure,
Day and Night, his Soul to fill.
He is like a living Tree,
Which by gentle Streams we see,
Stretching forth its fruitful Branches
Till the gath’ring Time advances.

III. Thus shall he put forth and flourish,
Who reveres the sacred Word;
All the Seasons him shall nourish
With sweet Blessings from the Lord:
Tho’ through Age he may be grey,
Yet his Leaf shall ne’er decay;
All his Actions God so blesses,
That they’r crowned with Successes.

IV. Not so fares th’ ungodly Faction,
Who the Law of Life disown:
They, like Chaff, in Wild Distraction,
Shall be driven up and down.
Where God tries his pious Race,
Sinners can’t abide the Place.
All the Righteous, God doth cherish;
But the Wicked all shall perish.