Christ Is Born And Heaven Rejoices

Christ is born, and Heaven rejoices,
Judah’s plain is bathed in light;
Thousand, thousand harps and voices
Break the silence of the night.

Glory in the highest, glory,
Peace on earth, good will to men.

Christ is born, the Lord’s Anointed,
Leaves the heavenly world a while,
Enters on the work appointed,
God and man to reconcile. [Refrain]

To the lost He brings salvation,
Freedom to the captive slave;
Peace amid death’s desolation,
Victory o’er the boasting grave. [Refrain]

Christ is born, O wondrous story!
Lord of life, yet born to die;
Sorrow’s child, yet King of Glory:
Born to rule and reign on high. [Refrain]

Royal babe, though few enthrone Him,
Few their grateful offerings bring;
All the tribes of earth shall own Him
Prince of Peace, creation’s king. [Refrain]