Christian Should Be Happy All The Live L

Christians should be happy all the live-long day,
Walking with the Saviour in the heav’nly way;
Words of cheer He whispers, of the Father’s love:
And the joys awaiting in His home above.

Always happy, why should any care
Fill your heart with sorrow, doubt or dark despair?
Always happy, as you journey on,
Drive away all trouble with a cheerful song.

Christians should be happy with each want supplied,
For our heav’nly Father daily will provide.
If we only trust Him naught can ever harm
For about each loved one is His mighty arm. [Refrain]

Christians should be happy working for their Lord,
In His service ever great is their reward.
“Whatsoever He would” always “try to do”
Life will then be happy all its journey through. [Refrain]