Christians Dismiss Your Fear

Christians, dismiss your fear;
let home and joy succeed;
the joyful news with gladness hear,
“The Lord is ris’n indeed!”
The promise is fulfilled
in Christ our only Head;
now justice,mercy, reconciled,
he lives who once was dead.

The Lord is ris’n again,
who on the cross did bleed;
he lives to die no more, amen,
the Lord is ris’n indeed!
He truly tasted death
to give us hope again,
in bitter pangs resigned his breath,
but now has ris’n. Amen!

He has himself the keys
of death, the grave, and hell;
his is the victory and praise,
and he rules all things well;
death now no more I dread,
but cheerful close mine eyes;
death is a sleep, the grave a bed;
with Jesus I shall rise.