Come Brethren Let Us Hasten On

Come, brethren, let us hasten on!
The evening closeth round,
‘Tis perilous to linger here
On this wild desert ground.
Come, toward eternity,
Press on from strength to strength,
Nor dread your journey’s toil and length,
For good its end shall be.

We shall not sue our final choice,
Though straight our path and steep;
We know that He who called us here,
His word shall ever keep.
Then follow, trusting, come,
And let each set his face
Toward yonder fair and blessed place,
Intent to reach our home.

Come, children, let us unward go!
We travel hand in hand;
Each in his brother find his joy
In this wild stranger land.
As children let us be,
Nor by the way fall out,
The angels guard us round about,
And help us brotherly.

Let all the strong be quick to raise
The weaker when they fall;
Let love and peace and patience bloom
In ready help for all.
In love yet closer bound,
Each would be least, yet still
On love’s fair path most pure from ill,
Most loving would be found.

Come, brothers, wander on with joy,
For shorter grows the way,
The hour that frees us from the flesh
Draws nearer day by day.
A little truth and love,
A little courage yet,
More free from earth, more apt to set
Your hopes on things above.

It will not last for very long,
A little farther roam;
It will not last much longer now
Ere we shall reach our home;
There shall we ever rest,
There with our Father dwell,
With all the saints who served Him well,
There truly, deeply blest.

Friend of our dear and perfect choice,
Thou joy of all that live,
Being that know’st not chance or change,
What courage dost thou give!
All beauty, Lord, we see,
All bliss and life and love,
In Him in whom we live and move,
And we are glad in Thee.