Come Christian Sailor And Dont Fall Asle

Come, christian sailor, and don’t fall asleep;
Pray night and day, or you’ll sink in the deep;
Hope is the anchor, and this you must keep,
If you want to sit with Jesus in the life-boat.

Let me in the life-boat, let me in the life-boat,
She will stand the raging storm,
Let me in the life-boat, let me in the life-boat,
She will bear my spirit home.

See, christian sailor, the voyage is short,
Hoist up your sails, and we’ll soon make the port,
Call up your soldiers and send them aloft,
For Christ is coming for you in the life-boat. [Refrain]

Storms they are heavy and winds they are loud,
Thunders are rolling and bursting the cloud,
Fathers and mothers are crying so loud,
Saying, Jesus, will you take us in the life-boat? [Refrain]

Some at the helm, and some down below,
The ship is dashing, her deck’s overflowed,
See every sailor is standing at his post,
And he’s waiting for the orders from the life-boat. [Refrain]

See, christian sailor, the orders have come,
The battle is fought and the vict’ry is won;
Go, tell your shipmates what Jesus has done,
He took a dying sailor in the life-boat. [Refrain]

Glory to Jesus for what He has done;
The storm it is past and I’ve reached my home,
Soon with the angels in glory, we’ll sing,
My soul is safely landed in the life-boat. [Refrain]