Come Christian Youths And Maidens

Come, Christian youths and maidens,
Come, brothers, old and young,
Uplift your hearts and voices,
Be praise on every tongue.
In God’s own House we gather,
Our yearly feast to hold;
Come, join our joyful anthem,
Ye brothers, young and old.

Come, sing with us the praises
Of God’s preserving care,
Who safe from harm has kept us
Throughout another year;
And crowned our lives with mercies
Unnumbered as the sand,
Which day by day have reached us
From His all-gracious Hand.

Come, sing with us the praises
Of God’s Redeeming Love,
That song which never ceases
Around the Throne above;
The voice of many Angels,
“Worthy the Lamb of God;
For He was slain to save us
By His most precious Blood.”

Come, praise Him for glad tidings
Heard in this hallowed place–
Glad tidings of salvation,
By free and sovereign grace;
For gifts of Holy Scripture,
Known from our childhood’s days;
For call from Heaven to serve Him
In wisdom’s happy ways.

Come, praise Him for the promise
Of strength in weakness given;
For means of grace provided;
For blessed hope of Heaven.
Oh, Christian youths and maidens!
Oh, brothers, old and young!
Uplift your hearts and voices,
And let His praise be sung.