Come Come Today Do Not Delay Webb

Come, come today!
Do not delay,
Come to thy Father’s home!
Look to him now,
In meekness bow,
Leave all thy sins and come!

Come, come today!
Trust him alway,
Yield now to him thy soul!
Thou shalt find joy,
Without alloy;
Come, he will make thee whole!

Come, come today!
How canst thou stay
Far from thy Father’s side?
He’ll take thee in,
Cleanse every sin,
And let his peace abide.

Come, come today!
Turn not away,
If thou wouldst now be blest.
Hark to his voice!
Come and rejoice!
Come, he will give thee rest.

Come, come today!
Earth’s joys decay.
Heav’n’s glories thou may share
With all his own,
Close to the throne
And praise him ever there.