Come Enter Lord And Take Thy Rest

Come enter, Lord, and take Thy rest,
Thou and Thy ark of strength;
And make the temple of my breast
Thy dwelling-place at length.

My life, my goods, myself I yield
A cheerful sacrifice;
No fond desire that lay concealed
But on Thine altar dies.

I will be Thine, with all my powers,
My mem’ry, mind, and will,
And all my consecrated hours
Thy service to fulfil.

I know how poor and worthless all,
How weak the hand I lift;
But where the sprinkled blood shall fall,
It sanctifies the gift.

‘Tis done!-but wilt Thou condescend
To make my heart Thy home?
Call me, a sinful worm, Thy friend?
Lord Jesus, quickly come!