Come Every Soul Beneath The Sky

Come ev’ry soul beneath the sky,
And praise the Majesty on high,
With all the saints and heav’nly host,
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

With blazing worlds beyond the skies,
Beyond the reach of mortal eyes,
Sing praises to Almighty God,
For His all-wise creating Word.

Although it be with feeble breath,
Begin to praise Him now by faith.
And from a stream so faint and slow,
Will burst an ocean in its flow.

O praise the Lord for all He’s done,
For all His blessings, one by one,
And see His goodness, mountains high,
Fill all the earth and sea and sky.

With hearts and lips in holy flame,
O let us magnify His name,
Till all the earth restored again,
Shall praise our God in glad refrain.