Come Father Son And Holy Ghost Honor The

Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Honor the means enjoin’d by Thee,
Make good our Apostolic boast,
And own thy glorious ministry.

We now thy promis’d presence claim,
Sent to disciple all mankind,
Sent to baptize into thy name,
We now thy promis’d presence find.

Father in these reveal thy son,
In these for whom we seek thy face,
Thy pard’ning mercy now make known,
In this, thy sacred means of grace.

Jesus, with us Thou always art,
Confirm thy heav’nly washing now,
And through this sacrament impart
The gifts of heav’n, eternal life.

Spirit divine, descend from high,
Baptizer of our spirits Thou.
The sacramental seal apply,
And witness with the water now.

Oh! that the souls baptiz’d herein,
May now thy truth and mercy feel:
Redeemer! wash away their sin,–
Come, Holy Ghost, their pardon seal!