Come Father Son And Holy Ghost One God

Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
One God in person three,
Bring back the heav’nly blessing lost
By all mankind and me.

Thy favour, and thy nature too,
To me, to all restore;
Forgive, and after God renew,
And keep us evermore.

Eternal Sun of Righteousness,
Display thy beams divine,
And cause the glories of thy face
Upon my heart to shine.

Light in thy light O may I see,
Thy grace and mercy prove!
Reviv’d and cheer’d, and blest by thee,
The God of pard’ning love!

Lift up thy countenance serene,
And let thy happy child
Behold, without a cloud between,
The Godhead reconcil’d!

That all comprising peace bestow
On me, through grace forgiv’n;
The joys of holiness below,
And then the joys of heav’n!