Come For The Banquet Is Waiting

Come, for the banquet is waiting,
The Master invites you today,
The Saviour is calling my brother,
And can you make longer delay?

Jesus is lovingly calling,
All things are ready, oh come,
Come hungry souls you are welcome,
Oh come, ye starving ones, come.

Come, oh ye hungry and starving,
The beggar shall eat with the king,
The poorest shall sit at the table,
No money nor gift need you bring. [Chorus]

Come, though your garments are ragged,
The Master a robe will provide,
‘Tis whiter than snow and ’tis spotless,
‘Twas washed in His blood when He died. [Chorus]

Come though your sins are as scarlet,
The Saviour will freely forgive,
You may not be living tomorrow,
Oh heed you the summons and live. [Chorus]