Come Forth Ye Men Of Every Race And Nati

Come forth, ye men of every race and nation!
We are making God’s new world for all the songs of men:
Our hearts unite in daring expectation,
For the matchless Lord of life doth tread this earth again.
Behold, He comes as first He came
To write upon the hearts of men in words of living flame
His Spirit of heroic love,
That one redemptive purpose through this age may move!

Awake, O sons of privilege and power,
For the dispossessed of earth to God for justice cry!
Let eager hands restore their rightful dower,
Lest the clamour of our greed His providence deny.
The last, the least, the lost are ours;
To their emancipation we devote our ardent powers.
While they are bound can we be free?
The knights of service choose the nobler liberty.

Though ruthless power may wield its weapons gory
We hold ourselves for Thee all loyalties above.
Though storms of hate may rage in empty glory
In the splendour of the Dawn we see Thy cross of love.
With healing rays it gleams afar,
And radiates its deathless hope from star to flaming star.
We march with Thee where martyrs trod,
Till all the sons of men become the sons of God.