Come Friends And Relations Lets Join Hea

Come friends and relations let’s join heart and hand,
The voice of the turtle is heard in our land;
Let’s all walk together, and follow the sound,
We’ll march to the place where redemption is found.

The place it is hidden by reason of sin,
You can’t see the sorrowful state you are in;
You’re blinded, polluted, in prison and pain–
O how can such rebels redemption obtain?

The place is obscured and darkly concealed,
Nor can mortals know it until ’tis revealed;
The place is in Jesus, to him we will go,
And there find redemption from sorrow and woe.

And if you are wounded and bruised by the fall,
Rise up and press forward, for you he doth call;
Or if you are tempted to doubt or despair,
Then come home to Jesus, redemption is there.

And you my dear brethren that love the dear Lord,
Who’ve witnessed free pardon by faith in his word,
Let patience attend you wherever yo go,
Your Savior hath purchased salvation you know.

We read of commotions and signs in the skies,
The sun and the moon shall be clothed in disguise,
And when you shall see all these tokens appear,
Then hold up your heads redemption draws near.

O then the archangel the trumpet shall sound,
And awake all the saints that sleep under the ground,
The sound of the trumpet shall bid you arise
To meet your redemption with love and surprise.

And then loving Jesus our souls will receive,
From bonds of corruption our bodies relieve;
Then we shall be all uncorrupted and free,
And sing of redemption wherever we be.

Redeemed from sin and redeemed from death,
Redeemed from corruption–redeemed from the earth,
Redeemed from damnation redeemed from all woe,
We’ll sing of redemption wherever we go.

Redeemed from pain and redeemed from distress,
The fruits of redemption no tongue can express;
Redemption was purchased by Jesus’s love,
We’ll sing of redemption in heaven above.

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians,