Come Friends Behold Me Here

Come friends behold me here,
Speechless and breathless lying;
Held in the arms of death;–
Come with your tears and sighing.

But yesterday I lived,
And walked, and spoke with you:
Come friends, with the last kiss.
Bid me a long adieu.

For I shall walk no more
The wonted paths we trod;
My voice is stilled, I go
To speak alone with God.

The Judge has called me hence,–
To Whom the wise and great,
The warrior and the king,
Are men of one estate.

Ah! not the name I bore
Shall final doom recall;
The life of each lies bare,
Before the Judge of all.

For all the good I’ve done,
For all the ill and blame,–
Shall come to me in full,
The honour or the shame.

Call ye on Christ our God
That by His saving might,
I may a dwelling find
Among the sons of light.

Hymns of the Holy Eastern Church,