Come Heavy Laden And Weary

Come, heavy-laden and weary,
Burdened and sorrow-oppressed;
Come to the dear, loving Saviour,
And pillow thy head on His breast.
O, how for thee He is yearning;
Hark! how He pleads thy returning;
Now while the life-lamp is burning,
O come to the Saviour and rest.

Darkly the shadows are falling,
Wildly the storm-billows roll;
Fly as a dove to thy refuge,
And thou shalt find peace to thy soul.
Why wilt thou wander and grieve Him;
He is thy Saviour, believe him;
Open thy heart to receive Him;
O come to thy Refuge and rest.

Come while His arms are extended,
Come while He waits to forgive;
Look to the cross where He suffered,
O look unto Jesus and live.
Come where no ill can betide thee;
Come where the Spirit will guide thee;
Come where His mercy will hide thee,
Safe, safe in the haven of rest.