Come Holy Ghost Creator Come Inspire The

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come
Inspire these souls of Thine;
Till every heart which Thou hast made
Be filled with grace divine.

Thou art the comforter, the gift
Of God, and fier of love;
The everlasting spring of joy,
And unction from above.

Thy gifts are manifold, Thou writ’st
God’s law in each true heart;
The promise of the Father, Thou
Dost heavenly speech impart.

Enlighten our dark souls, till they
Thy sacred love embrace;
Assist our minds, by nature frail,
With Thy celestial grace.

Drive far from us the mortal foe,
And give us peace within;
That, by Thy guidance blest, we may
Escape the snares of sin.

Teach us the Father to confess,
And Son, form death revived,
And Thee, with both, O Holy Ghost,
Who art from both derived.