Come Holy Spirit And Anew

Come, holy Spirit, and anew,
By mighty word and deed,
Bear witness with Thy chosen few,
That all may hear and heed.
No more upon the Prophet’s brow
The flaming signet rests:
The mystic tongue no longer now
The word of grace attests.

But perfect love and holiness,
And helpful ministry,
Are miracles of grace no less
That testify of Thee.
Set these, Thy seal, upon us, Lord,
Our love and zeal inflame,
That we henceforth Thy saving Word
May mightily proclaim.

Send now the quick’ning pow’r again;
Let Truth our tongues inspire;
Arouse the consciences of men
With messages of fire.
Then to repentant sinners show
Thy reconciled face;
The cleansing and the healing flow
Of Thy redeeming grace.