Come Holy Spirit From Above And Kindle

Come, Holy Spirit, from above,
And kindle in our hearts Thy love;
In all our darkness on us shine,
And fill us with Thy grace divine.

The only Comforter Thou art;
O come and dwell within each heart,
And give us power from above
To keep the blessed law of love.

Enlighten every darkened heart,
And faith and hope to each impart;
What else we need Thou well dost know,
This let Thy love and grace bestow.

In Thy blest gifts on us outpoured,
Thou art the right hand of the Lord;
The Word of Truth Thou sendest forth
In tongues of fire to all the earth.

Defend us from our wily foe,
Upon us now Thy peace bestow;
Keep us securely all our days
In Thy blest covenant of grace.

Show us the Father’s love and care,
And of the Son Thy witness bear;
To both Thou showeth us the way,
Spirit of both, adored for aye.

To God the Father, God the Son,
For precious gifts be honor done;
And for the Spirit’s gracious power
Be praise and glory evermore.