Come Home Dear Sinner While The Light

Come home, dear sinner, while the light
Is beaming on your way,-
The door stands open wide for you,
Return while yet you may.

Come home, come home, dear child, come home,
Your Father bids you come;
Come home, come home, just now come home,
O weary wand’rer come.

Come home, dear sinner, by the cross,
Your Saviour waits for you;
He’ll cleanse away your earthly dross,
And make you happy too. [Refrain]

Come home, dear sinner, while you feel
The spirit move your hear;
While at the mercy-seat you kneel,
With every idol part. [Refrain]

Come home, dear sinner, while you may,
The church is calling, too;
With earnest faith begin to pray,
And heav’n will welcome you. [Refrain]

Come home, dear sinner, Jesus’ blood
Can wash out every stain;
Plunge now into the crimson flood
Of him who once was slain. [Refrain]