Come In Come In Lord Jesus

Come in, come in, Lord Jesus!
Come in and dwell with me;
My God, my King, my life-long Friend,
My Glorious Guest to be;
My heart is very lonely, Lord,
My need is very great;
‘Tis for Thy love I weary, Lord!
‘Tis for Thyself I wait.

Come in, come in, Lord Jesus!
For dreary is the night;
Bid Thou the shadows flee away,
And flood my soul with light;
And let it show me what Thou wilt,
Of emptiness and sin;
But only show Thyself to me!
Only come in! come in!

Come in, come in, Lord Jesus!
And dwell, and rule, and reign;
Yea, come in peace, my Lord, my King,
To Thine own house again:
Thou shalt bring with Thee what Thou wilt,
Take what Thou wilt away;
Only come Thou Thyself to me
And come, oh, come to stay.

Come in, come in, Lord Jesus!
I give the struggle o’er;
I hinder not Thine entering,
Nor fear Thy coming more:
I do but whisper through my tears-
“Thou knowest what hath been!
Only forgive the long delay!
Only come in! come in!”

Come in, come in, Lord Jesus!
And leave me nevermore;
Thou hast the keys of all my heart;
Come in, and shut the door!
Yea, shut the door on what Thou wilt,
That fits not Thine abode;
And open it on all Thou wilt
That is of heaven and God.

Come in, come in, Lord Jesus!
So wonderful it seems
That Thou should’st think such thoughts for me,
Beyond my faintest dreams:
that Thou should’st choose the “foolish things,”
The “weak things,” and “the base”;
And stoop to humbled, broken hearts,
To find Thy dwelling-place.