Come Let Us All With Gradness Raise

Come, let us all with gladness raise
a joyous song of thanks and praise
to God who rules the heav’nly host,
God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

For God, in grace and tenderness,
regarded us in our distress;
yea, to our aid himself he came;
let all adore God’s holy name.

God gave us faithful ones to lead
and help us in our time of need;
but, Lord, all pow’r is yours alone,
and you the work must carry on.

Father in heaven, fulfill your word;
grant us the Spirit of our Lord,
that through your truth, which cannot fail,
we may o’er ev’ry ill prevail.

And in your love may we abide,
estranged from none by wrath or pride,
among ourselves at unity
and with all else in charity.

Thus may our lips your praises sound,
our hearts in steadfast hope abound;
till you to heaven our steps shall bring
where saints and angels hail you King.