Come Sinners Come To Jesus

Come, sinners, come to Jesus,
Who died for you and me;
‘Tis he alone who frees us
From endless misery:
In deep humiliation,
His blessing now implore:
The day of visitation
With you will soon be o’er.

Sinners, what are you doing,
Upon the verge of hell?
You’re hast’ning on to ruin,
Where fiends and devils dwell.
Can you endure for ever
The vengeance of a God?
Methinks I see you shiver
Beneath his angry rod.

We all are prone to wander;
How can we thus depart?
But if to God we render
An undivided heart,
Though in the day of wonders,
He comes reveal’d in fire,
Amidst ten thousand thunders,
We’ll raise his praises higher.

A Collection of Hymns: for camp meetings…,