Come When The Morn With Rosy

Come when the morn with rosy light is glowing,
Come when the noon its golden shafts is throwing,
Come from your straying,
Make no delaying,
Seek the Lord of Life today.

Praise Him, praise Him,
Praise Him the Lord of our salvation,
Praise Him, praise Him,
Saviour of men and King of Kings,
Crown Him, crown Him
Crown Him the Lord of every nation,
Praise Him, praise Him,
Till heav’n and earth with triumph rings.

Come when the heart of childhood throbs with gladness,
Come ere the eyes are dimm’d with tears of sadness,
Come and believe Him,
Come and receive Him,
He will never turn away. [Chorus]

Come in your manhood with its pride and power,
He is the mighty refuge strength and tower,
Follow Him ever,
Nothing can sever,
All His glory you may share. [Chorus]

Come when the years of age are softly fading
When o’er your lives the sunset tints are shading,
Come in your meekness,
Come in your weakness
Safely rest within His care. [Chorus]