Deal With Me God In Mercy Now

Deal with me, God, in mercy now,
Oh help me in my utter woe,
Thine ear to me in pity bow;
When hence my soul must quickly go,
Receive her, as her God and Friend,
For all is right if right the end.

Now, O my Lord, I follow Thee,
Safe where Thy steps I plainly trace;
Ah, now Thou art not far from me,
Though Death is with me face to face,
And I must leave the friends most dear
Who loved me well and truly here.

The body calmly sleeps in earth,
To Thee the spirit spreads her wings,
And in Thy hands, a second birth
She finds in death, to life she springs;
Here was a land of tears and woe,
Where toil and care are all we know.

Now Death and Satan, hell and sin,
And this world, all have lost their power,
The grace and hope Thou, Lord, didst win
For me, uphold me in this hour;
For on the Son my debts were laid,
And He my ransom freely paid.

Why mourn, then, that I now go hence?
Surely a blessed lot is mine;
Clothed in His spotless innocence,
Before Him as a bride I shine;
Farewell, thou evil world, farewell!
With God I rather choose to dwell.