Do You Think That My Savior Will Leave

Do you think that my Saviour will leave me?
His kindness, oh, say will it fail?
Do you think that his arm will grow weary?
The light of his countenance pale?

He will fail me, no, never!
I may trust him forever,
Oh, true and unchanging this infinite Friend,
Jesus loves his own,
Who his grace have known;
Jesus loves his own, and he loves to the end.

Do you think he is ever discouraged,
While bringing his “little flock” home?
He has promised that never, oh! never,
Shall those be cast out who will come. [Refrain]

Oh, I know that my dear Saviour loves me,
Because he has wakened my love,
So I know he will never forsake me,-
His will is to bring me above. [Refrain]