Draw Me Nearer Jesus Nearer

Draw me nearer, Jesus, nearer,
When my heart grows faint with fear;
Help me catch Thy faintest whisper,
Give me, Lord, a listening ear.

Nearer, nearer, draw me nearer,
Draw me nearer, Lord, to Thee.
Fill me with Thy Holy Spirit,
Draw me nearer, Lord, to Thee.

Ask! I hear Thee say, and asking,
Heaven’s richest gifts are thine.
Seek, Thou biddest me, and seeking,
Thou shalt never fail to find. [Refrain]

So I come, dear Savior, knocking,
Knocking at sweet mercy’s gate,
Why should I for its unlocking
Still in doubt and darkness wait? [Refrain]

Thou in whom all fullness dwelleth,
Wilt Thou now impart to me,
Something of Thy blessed nature,
Draw me nearer, Lord, to Thee? [Refrain]