Draw The Line Of Battle

Draw the line of battle,
Press upon the foe,
Wave the flag of vict’ry,
Ev’rywhere you go,
Break the ranks of Satan,
Scatter all his host,
Give no time to rally,
Or the battle’s lost.

Fall into line, my brother, fall into line,
The conquest is great and needs your help,
Draw the line of battle, courage ev’ry heart,
And ours will be the victo’ry by and by.

Draw the line of battle,
Ready for the fight,
Jesus gives the orders,
Stand up in his might;
Courage! do not falter,
Bold, heroic stand,
Hear the voice of Jesus,
Forward his command. [Refrain]

Draw the line of battle,
Victory is near,
Cheer up! weary soldier,
Never, never fear;
Jesus is a present
Help in time of need,
He will in the battle
On to conquest lead. [Refrain]