Draw Thou My Soul O Christ

Draw Thou my soul, O Christ,
Closer to Thine;
Breathe into every wish
Thy will divine;
Raise my low self above,
Won by Thy deathless love;
Ever, O Christ, thro’ mine
Let Thy life shine.

Lead forth my soul, O Christ,
One with Thine own,
Joyful to follow Thee
Thro’ paths unknown;
In Thee my strength renew;
Give me Thy work to do;
Thro’ me Thy truth be shown,
Thy love made known.

Not for myself alone
May my prayer be;
Lift Thou Thy world, O Christ,
Closer to Thee;
Cleanse it from guilt and wrong;
Teach it salvation’s song,
Till earth, as heav’n, fulfill
God’s holy will.