Drawing Near With Full Assurance

Drawing near with full assurance;
Ah, my soul, how can it be?
How canst thou, condemned and sinful,
Think of God as near to thee?

Full assurance! I am trusting
In a Saviour crucified;
Full assurance! Jesus saved me,
When upon the cross He died.

He is faithful that has promised;
Here my soul has found its rest,
And by fully trusting Jesus,
With assurances I am blest. [Refrain]

Sins to be no more remembered,
Full remission in His blood,
Made by Him an heir of heaven,
Made by Him a child of God. [Refrain]

So I come, my sins confessing,
Boldly come, without a fear;
All my right in Christ possessing,
To the Father drawing near. [Refrain]