Drawn From A Thousand Distant Homes

Drawn from a thousand distant homes,
In Christ’s dear love we meet;
The hosts who labor in His cause,
In Christ’s dear name we greet.

One kingdom to our conq’ring Prince,
From sea to sea, be given;
His will be done o’er all the earth,
Just as ’tis done in heaven.

We hold one Lord, one central light;
Our hopes, our aims are one,-
As planets, in their devious flight,
Revolve around one sun. [Refrain]

Humbly, in loyal faith, we bow
At one Redeemer’s feet;
Our prayers, like clouds of incense, rise
Before one Mercy Seat. [Refrain]

If blossoms of the early spring
Are doubly sweet and fair,
Our budding youth to God we bring,
And leave the off’ring there. [Refrain]