Dread Sinai Roars The Man Be Curst

Dread Sinai roars, “the man be cursed,
That doth one willful sin commit:
Death and damnation fro the first
Without relief, and infinite.”

Thus flames the mount! and round the earth
Thunder, and fire, and vengeance flings:
But, Jesus, thy dear gasping breath,
And Calvary say gentler things:

“Pardon, and grace, and boundless love,
Streaming along a Savior’s blood,
And life, and joys, and crowns above,
Obtained by a dear bleeding God.”

Hark, how he prays (the charming sound
Dwells on his dying lips)”forgive;”
And every groan and gasping wound
Cries, “Father, let the rebels live.”

Go, you that rest upon the law,
And toil, and seek salvation there,
Look to the flame that Moses saw,
And shrink, and tremble, and despair.

But I’ll retire beneath the cross,
Savior, at thy dear feet I lie;
And the keen sword that Justice draws,
Flaming and red, shall pass me by.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,