Drifting Away From Christ In Thy Youth

Drifting away from Christ in thy youth,
Drifting away from mercy and truth,
Drifting to sin in tenderest youth,
Drifting away from God.

Brother, the Savior has called you before;
See! you are nearing eternity’s shore!
Soon you may perish, be lost evermore,
Jesus now calls for you.

Drifting away from mother and home,
Drifting away in sorrow to roam,
Drifting where peace and rest can not come,
Drifting away from God. [Chorus]

Drifting away on sin’s treach’rous tide,
Drifting where death and darkness abide,
Drifting from heav’n away in your pride,
Drifting away from God. [Chorus]

Drifting away from hope’s blessed shore,
Drifting away where wild breakers roar;
Drifted and stranded, wreck’d, evermore,
Far from the light of God. [Chorus]

Why will you drift on billows of shame,
Spurning His grace again and again?
Soon you’ll be lost! in sin to remain,
Ever away from God. [Chorus]